does wawa have free coffee today

does wawa have free coffee today

Does Wawa Have Free Coffee Today?

Everyone is familiar with Wawa’s delicious coffee. But one question that gets asked frequently is ‘Does Wawa have free coffee today?’ In this article, you will find the answer to this commonly asked question.

What is Wawa?

Wawa is an American chain of convenience store and gas station found all across the states. They are widely known for their made-to-order hoagies, hot and cold beverages, and so on. They have developed great coffee and cappuccino options that come in various flavors, which are why Wawa is so popular from coast to coast.

Does Wawa Give Out Free Coffee?

Sometimes Wawa does give out free coffee. Every Wednesday, Wawa does a special offer, where if you buy any coffee, you get the same size for free. This offer is for one day only, and so it is referred to as ‘Free Coffee Wednesdays’.

What Else Does Wawa Offer?

  • Rewards: You can join the Wawa rewards program to get special offers, surprise treats, and more.
  • Catering: If you’re having a large gathering, you can order platters and meals from Wawa.
  • Gift Cards: Wawa also offers eGift cards and physical cards to give as gifts.


In conclusion, Wawa does have free coffee today, but only on Wednesdays. On this day, if you buy any coffee or cappuccino, you will get the same size for free. Whether it’s free coffee or one of Wawa’s many other offers, you will always find something special at a Wawa location.





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