does nespresso creatista make regular coffee

does nespresso creatista make regular coffee

Does Nespresso Creatista Make Regular Coffee?

Nespresso Creatista is a single-serve espresso machine made by Nespresso, a company owned by Nestle. It is a great machine for those who want to brew specialty espresso-based drinks. But does it make regular coffee too?


Yes, the Nespresso Creatista can make regular coffee if you use the right type of coffee capsule. While it is primarily designed to make espresso-based drinks, Nespresso’s official range of coffee capsules can also be used on the Creatista to make regular coffee.

Features & Benefits of the Nespresso Creatista:

The Nespresso Creatista has a host of features and benefits, which makes it perfect for both espresso-based drinks and regular coffee.

  • 8 One-touch Recipies: The Creatista has eight one-touch recipes for brewing lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso-based drinks.
  • Customisable Milk Textures: With customisable milk textures, you can get the exact milk texture that suits your taste.
  • Useful Accessories: It comes with accessories such as a milk jug and tamper, making it easier to craft perfect espresso-based drinks.
  • Simple User Interface: The Creatista has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to use.
  • Wide Range of Coffee Capsules: The Creatista takes Nespresso’s full range of coffee capsules, including their regular coffee capsules, which can be used to make regular coffee.


The Nespresso Creatista is a great machine for those looking for quick and easily access to specialty espresso-based drinks. However, it is also capable of making regular coffee, provided you use the right type of capsules.





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