does coffee with sugar free creamer break a fast


Does Coffee with Sugar Free Creamer Break a Fast?

During fasting periods many people like to add coffee into their routine to help with their energy and focus. As most coffee rituals involve the addition of creamers and other condiments, it’s a common question whether creamers with sugar-free sweeteners break a fast.

What Counts as “Breaking a Fast”?

Essentially, breaking a fast means consuming anything other than water, tea, or herbs. Anything other than these falls under the category of “food” and can interfere with your body’s natural digestion cycle and blur the lines between fasting and eating.

Is Sugar-Free Creamer Considered Food?

Sugar-free coffee creamers don’t have any calories or fat, so they won’t interfere with your body’s natural digestion process. They also don’t contain carbohydrates, so they don’t constitute “food” in the traditional sense. However, they are derived from dairy, which still contains some proteins, so they could technically be considered as “breaking a fast.”

Is Artificial Sweetener Considered Food?

Artificial sweeteners like Stevia and Sucralose are often added to coffee creamers and other beverage products. These sweeteners generally don’t contain enough calories to be considered “food”. However, they are still a form of energy, and they can still affect the body’s insulin and glucose levels, which can affect the body’s natural digestion cycle.

The Bottom Line

In general, it is best to abstain from adding any creamers or sweeteners to your coffee if you’re fasting for any period of time. If you find it necessary to add creamers or sweeteners, stick with a sugar-free option and avoid artificial sweeteners. This is the safest way to ensure that your fast will be undisturbed and effective.

Happy Fasting!





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