does coffee grounds repel rabbits

does coffee grounds repel rabbits

Does Coffee Grounds Repel Rabbits?

Cute as they may be, some people want to keep rabbits out of their gardens and landscaping. Coffee grounds may be a way to repel the animals and protect your vegetation.

What are Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are the solid particles that are left in the coffee filter after brewing a cup of coffee. The grounds have an intense odor, so it’s thought to repel certain animals like rabbits.

Does Coffee Grounds Repel Rabbits?

Yes, coffee grounds may repel rabbits. The smell of the grounds is thought to interfere with rabbits’ senses and keep them away.

How to Use Coffee Grounds to Repel Rabbits

If you want to try coffee grounds as a rabbit deterrent, here are a few steps:

  • Collect coffee grounds and sprinkle them near potential rabbit habitats.
  • Mix coffee grounds with warm water, strain and spray on foliage.
  • Mix grounds in with your regular garden soil or add them to a compost pile.
  • Plant coffee grounds loving plants near the rabbit’s usual habitats.

It is important to note that coffee grounds are not a magic bullet to keep rabbits away forever. You may need to reapply them or sprinkle new grounds as necessary.


Coffee grounds can be an effective way to keep rabbits away from your garden or landscaping. It’s natural, won’t harm the animals and you can use it in a variety of ways. Try it out and see if your furry visitors are scared away!





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