do your thing coffee

do your thing coffee

Do Your Thing Coffee

Do Your Thing coffee is a specialty coffee company based in Los Angeles. We offer single-origin fresh-roasted beans, handcrafted pour-overs, and other specialty coffee drinks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an unforgettable coffee experience that celebrates the unique flavors and origins of every single-origin bean we source. We strive to deliver the most exquisite coffees to our customer and make their coffee experience unique.

The Do Your Thing Experience

At Do Your Thing Coffee, we believe that each cup of coffee should be crafted with the utmost care. We use only the freshest, ethically-sourced single-origin beans and roast them evenly to bring out the flavor and aroma of each origin. We prepare our handcrafted pour-overs to order, so you can enjoy every sip of your delicious Do Your Thing coffee.

Our Coffees

Do Your Thing Coffee offers a wide range of delicious specialty coffees, from lightly roasted Ethiopian coffees to dark roasted Sumatran beans. Here are a few of our signature blends that are sure to tantalize your taste buds:

Signature Blends:

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Close your eyes and delight in the smooth honey, berry, and citrus flavors as they linger on your palate
  • Guatemalan Antigua: With a deep, balanced acidity and hints of juicy apricot, this is the perfect coffee for the discerning palate
  • Sumatran Mandheling: This full-bodied coffee has a rich, smoky flavor and an unmistakable aroma

At Do Your Thing Coffee, we strive to create a unique, unforgettable coffee experience. Whether you choose one of our signature blends, or select from one of our single-origin selections, you can be sure of one thing – a delicious cup of coffee that celebrates the flavor and origin of each bean.





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