do squirrels like coffee grounds

do squirrels like coffee grounds

Do Squirrels Like Coffee Grounds?

You may have seen animals like squirrels in your garden, nibbling on beans, grains and nuts. But do squirrels like coffee grounds? This article has the answers.

What’s in Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds come with several benefits for our furry friends. They are packed with minerals like magnesium, iron and potassium, as well as having a few fats and proteins. All these nutritious components make great snacks for squirrels and other wild animals.

Do Squirrels Prefer Coffee Grounds?

It depends on the squirrel’s diet. Just like all other species, squirrels have different dietary needs. Some prefer to eat nuts, insects, berries and other kinds of food, while others may enjoy a few coffee grounds here and there.

Benefits of Feeding Coffee Grounds to Squirrels

If you find that your local squirrels love coffee grounds, then you can have some real benefits from feeding them:

  • Good Source of Nutrients – As mentioned earlier, coffee grounds are packed with minerals, fats and proteins. This makes them a great dietary supplement for squirrels, especially when they struggle to find enough food.
  • Extra Vitamin D – Coffee grounds are also known to provide good levels of vitamin D. As with humans, squirrels don’t get enough of this essential vitamin just by eating the common food they find in the wild.
  • A yummy Treat – Coffee grounds certainly make a yummy treat for these cute creatures.

How to Feed Coffee Grounds to Squirrels?

It’s always better to find out what the local squirrels are accustomed to before feeding them. If they are used to having coffee grounds, then you’re all set. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Wait for a good time when the squirrels are active and ready for food.
  • Choose a spot where you can regularly find them. A tree-stump, for instance.
  • Sprinkle a handful of coffee grounds near the area and back away.
  • Observe from far as the squirrels enjoy their snack.


From what we found, some squirrels may indeed enjoy a few coffee grounds now and then. It depends primarily on their diet and preferences, but they may find the snack rich with nutrients – if they are used to having it. As always, finding out what works the best for the local squirrels is the key.





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