do squirrels like coffee grounds

do squirrels like coffee grounds

Do Squirrels Enjoy Coffee Grounds?

It is natural to wonder if squirrels like the taste of coffee grounds. After all, they are all around us and while they might not seem to have the taste buds to revel in the flavor, squirrels are actually quite curious creatures who might try something that looks and smells interesting. So, do squirrels like coffee grounds?

The Sweet Answer

Yes, squirrels enjoy eating coffee grounds. But, this does not mean that people should offer them every time they take a sip. Squirrels don’t need to eat coffee grounds regularly, and it’s not a healthy habit for them.

The Benefits of Coffee

Coffee can offer squirrels a number of health benefits. The grounds contain natural antioxidants that can help combat disease, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. Plus, some squirrels are attracted by the smell and taste of the grounds.

The Dos and Don’ts

If you want to offer some occasional treats to squirrels, it’s important to follow a few guidelines:

  • Do not feed them large amounts of coffee grounds. Too much can result in digestive issues or even caffeine poisoning.
  • Be sure the grounds don’t contain any additional flavors or sweeteners.
  • Do not put the grounds directly in their food dish. Instead, place them near the dish so that the squirrels can choose if they would like to enjoy them.

The Final Verdict

Whether or not squirrels like coffee grounds is debatable, but one thing is certain – there are benefits to offering these occasional treats. As long as the dos and don’ts are followed, your squirrel friends will be sure to enjoy their occasional treats of coffee grounds!





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