do coffee have carbs

do coffee have carbs

Do Coffee Have Carbs?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks enjoyed by people around the world for its energizing effect. Its no wonder that many are wondering if coffee has carbs – after all, ‘carbs’ have become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, especially in the world of health and nutrition. The short answer is that, in its purest form, coffee doesn’t contain any carbohydrates. However, it’s important to be aware of how some of the things people add to their coffee can contain carbs.

Carb Content of Pure Coffee

As mentioned previously, pure, black coffee doesn’t contain any carbohydrates. In 100 ml of black coffee, there is no measurable amount of carbohydrates or energy. The only nutrient present in small amounts is Vitamin B2 and B5.

Carb Content of Coffee Drinks

The majority of people don’t drink their coffee black, and often add ingredients such as milk, cream and sugar, which all contain carbohydrates.

  • Milk: cow’s milk is around 4% carbs, so adding 200 ml of milk will add 8g of carbs to your coffee drink.
  • Cream: adding 100 ml of cream to your coffee will increase the carb content by 6g.
  • Sugar: One teaspoon of sugar contains around 4g of carbs, so besure to watch how many teaspoons you’re adding to your coffee.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you add these ingredients to your coffee, the resulting drink won’t be completely carbohydrate-free. However, it’s likely only a minimal amount of carbs and there are still health benefits associated with coffee. For example, the antioxidants which some studies indicate can lower the risk of certain diseases.

Can You Have Coffee on a Low Carb Diet?

If you’re following a low carb diet, make sure you’re aware of the carb content of any ingredients you add to your coffee. If you’re sticking to black coffee, then you’re safe, but make sure you avoid adding sugar and other dairy products; such as milk and cream.

In conclusion, coffee itself is carbohydrate-free, but some of the things added to it contain carbs – such as milk, cream and sugar. So if you’re following a low carb diet, you should consider swapping these for lower carb alternatives.





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