de la gente coffee

de la gente coffee

Discover de la gente Coffee

Have you ever heard about de la gente coffee? Well, let us tell you about it!

de la gente coffee is a producer of specialty, high quality coffee from the mountains of Guatemala. They are committed to providing their customers with quality coffee that has been sustainably farmed and ethically sourced. In addition to their coffee, de la gente offers coffee education and barista trainings for customers looking to learn more about their coffee.

Why Choose de la gente Coffee?

There is a host of reasons to try de la gente coffee:

  • Quality: de la gente coffee is meticulously sourced to ensure its high quality and superior taste.
  • Ethics: de la gente coffee is ethically sourced and sustainably farmed, so your purchase is supporting a greater cause.
  • Education: de la gente offers coffee education and barista trainings to give their customers the opportunity to learn more about their coffee.

Discover Guatemala’s Coffee Culture

When you try de la gente coffee, you are not only getting a delicious cup of coffee, you are also discovering a rich culture of coffee production. de la gente has been sourcing their coffee from the Yalambojoch mountain region in the northern Highlands of Guatemala for more than 30 years. This region is home to some of the best and most sought-after coffee in the world, thanks to its perfect conditions for growing the crop.

Whether you’re a professional barista or a coffee novice, de la gente can give you the opportunity to discover Guatemala’s unique coffee culture. From bean to cup, you’ll learn about the entire process of creating this unique blend.

Experience the Taste of de la gente Coffee

Are you ready to experience the unique flavor of de la gente coffee? Purchase some of their single origin beans and be sure to check out their barista education options to help you better understand the flavors you can find in the cup. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!





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