can you drink too much coffee in animal crossing

can you drink too much coffee in animal crossing

Can You Drink Too Much Coffee In Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing is one Animal Crossing New Horizons game that has gotten many people playing around the globe. One fan-favorite part of the game is that you can run your very own café and make the villagers their favorite cup of coffee. But, with all of this coffee drinking, can you drink too much coffee in Animal Crossing?

What Happens When You Drink Too Much?

The answer to that question is a resounding no. You cannot drink too much coffee in Animal Crossing, as there are no negative effects that result from drinking coffee. Drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day is only beneficial to the player, as it increases the player’s energy and speeds up the time they can stay awake in the game.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee in the game brings a bunch of benefits:

  • Increased Energy: Drinking coffee gives the player more energy, which in turn increases their stamina and allows them to explore longer.
  • Happy Villagers: Villagers love it when they get coffee. When they have coffee, they’re happier and more willing to chat.
  • Faster Time: When the player drinks coffee, the time in the game passes by faster.

With these benefits, coffee is definitely one of the most useful items in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


In conclusion, you can’t drink too much coffee in Animal Crossing. Drinking coffee may actually benefit you by giving you more energy, making the villagers happy, and speeding up the time. So don’t be afraid to drink as much coffee as you want in Animal Crossing New Horizons!





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