can you brew coffee with whole beans

can you brew coffee with whole beans

Brewing Coffee with Whole Beans

Brewing coffee with whole beans is the traditional way to make coffee and it results in a full-flavoured cup. Not only do whole beans still contain their natural oils and flavors, but grinding them for each cup also helps to maximize the freshness of the beverage. Here’s how to use whole beans to brew your next cup:

Purchase Fresh, Whole Beans

First and foremost, you’ll want to purchase a quality, freshly roasted package of whole beans from a local coffee shop or online retailer. Opt for a medium-roast or dark-roast style of bean, which will provide bold flavor rather than a light-roast.

Grind the Whole Beans

Once you have your fresh beans, use a coffee grinder (manual or electric) to grind the beans. Aim for a medium-fine to medium grind size. You can also try a coarse grind or an espresso-style grind, depending on your type of brewing method.

Brew the Coffee

The next step is actually brewing the coffee. Put the ground beans into a filter in your coffee maker and add fresh, cold water. Other options include:

  • Pour-over: Pour hot water over the grounds in a filter above a carafe.
  • French Press: Put the grounds directly into a carafe with hot water and then plunge it.
  • Aeropress: Use the Aeropress to push the water through the filter and grounds.

Once the brewing is complete, your coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Enjoy your flavorful cup of freshly-brewed coffee!





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