can kids drink decaf coffee

can kids drink decaf coffee

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Decaf Coffee for Kids

Decaffeinated coffee has become a regular among coffee drinkers. Some say it is a viable alternative for kids who ordinarily drink caffeinated coffee, but is it really? Here, we look at both the pros and cons of drinking decaf coffee for kids.

Pros of Drinking Decaf Coffee for Kids

  • It contains no caffeine. This means kids won’t experience the associated side effects like the jitters, stomach ache, and headaches.
  • The absence of caffeine means kids can be able to drink more decaf coffee and not worry about any adverse effects.
  • It contains less acid than regular coffee making it potentially safer for kids’ stomachs.

Cons of Drinking Decaf Coffee for Kids

  • It still contains a significant amount of caffeine. One cup of decaf coffee can have anywhere from 0-7 milligrams of caffeine. Although this might not be enough to cause a noticeable response, it can still increase energy levels and alertness in some people.
  • It can act as a diuretic. The same chemicals that remove the caffeine from decaf coffee might also make children urinate more. This can be especially concerning for young children who lack the water in their system to replace what was lost.
  • It can still affect a child’s sleep. Even though decaffeinated coffee contains reduced levels of caffeine, it can still inhibit sleep in younger children.

In conclusion, drinking decaf coffee can be okay for kids in moderation. However, they should not consume too much as it can still have some negative effects. Ultimately, if you’re considering giving coffee to your children talk to your pediatrician first.





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