can i drink coffee with a sore throat

can i drink coffee with a sore throat

Can I Drink Coffee with a Sore Throat?

Drinking coffee with a sore throat may seem like a good idea to help soothe the discomfort, however it can actually exacerbate the issue and make it worse. The best thing to do is to avoid hot coffee and opt for something else to help relieve your sore throat.

What Are the Effects of Caffeine on a Sore Throat?

Caffeine can have a painful and a drying effect on the throat due to the fact that it is an irritant. The acidity and bitterness of the coffee can actually make your throat feel worse, rather than better. The intense temperature of a hot cup of coffee can cause damage to the already irritated lining in your throat, leading to even more pain.

What to Drink Instead

It is best to steer clear of coffee, hot tea, and all other hot beverages when you have a sore throat. When you feel a scratchy feeling in your throat, this is your body telling you that it is in need of some hydration and soothing. Here are some drink ideas that can help alleviate your sore throat symptoms:

  • Warm Water with Honey and Lemon: Lemon juice and honey both have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Mix them in warm water and sip it for a soothing and healing effect for your throat.
  • Herbal Tea: Herbal tea can be helpful for treating a sore throat. Look for tea varieties with licorice, ginger, honey and marshmallow root.
  • Warm Broth: Nothing beats a nice warm bowl of broth when your throat is feeling sore. The flavorful broth will coat your throat and help to soothe the inflammation.

Remember to give your body the rest and hydration it needs to heal. Choosing alternative drinks that are soothing, like warm water with honey and lemon and herbal teas, will help to keep your throat moist and comfortable so that it can heal.





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