can i drink coffee before an ultrasound

can i drink coffee before an ultrasound

Can I drink coffee before an ultrasound?

Most health professionals recommend that you don’t drink coffee before undergoing an ultrasound. Caffeine has been known to affect several organs during an ultrasound, including the bladder and stomach.

How Does Caffeine Affect Ultrasounds?

When performing an ultrasound, it is important that the patient has a full bladder, as this helps create a better image. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it causes the body to lose water and T to flush it out through urination. This causes a decrease in the amount of fluid in the bladder, which can reduce the quality of the ultrasound image.

Caffeine can also affect the digestive system. It is a natural stimulant and can speed up the intestinal tract which may makes it more difficult to get a clear picture of the digestive organs.

What Can I Drink Instead?

Most health professionals recommend that you do not drink anything with caffeine before having an ultrasound. Here are some alternatives that you can drink before the exam:

  • Water – This is the best beverage to drink before an ultrasound as it helps to fill the bladder and get a clear image
  • Decaffeinated Tea or Coffee – If you can’t go without your daily caffeine fix, choose a decaffeinated option
  • Fruit Juice – This is another beverage that can help fill the bladder without causing any problems
  • Sports Drinks – If you want to boost your energy levels before the ultrasound, try a sports drink with electrolytes

It is important to note that even decaffeinated drinks can still contain trace amounts of caffeine, so sticking to pure water is always the best option.


In conclusion, it is recommended that you do not drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages before an ultrasound. Drinking pure water is the best option to ensure the best quality image.





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