can coffee grounds go in the disposal

can coffee grounds go in the disposal

Can Coffee Grounds Go in the Disposal?

Coffee grounds seem harmless enough, but can they be put down the kitchen disposal? Some claim that this is a food grade product, however, others strongly oppose this. Here, we look into whether coffee grounds can be put in the disposal, the risks associated, and the best way of disposing of them instead.

Can Coffee Grounds Go Into the Disposal?

In general, it is not recommended that you place coffee grounds in the disposal for several reasons. The most significant factor is that coffee grounds can clog your pipes over time as they tend to expand when wet. This can cause a more serious blockage further down the line.

What Are the Risks?

The problems don’t just stop at clogged pipes. Coffee grounds can create an unpleasant smell in the kitchen and cause the disposal to work less efficiently. Furthermore, they can gather and form deposits in the pipes, leading to bigger blockages.

Better Alternatives

Your best alternative is to put your coffee grounds in the compost. This way, you are making good use of the grounds, because they add valuable nutrients to your compost heap. On top of this, they don’t create blockages in your drainage pipes.


In short, it is not recommended that you put coffee grounds in your kitchen disposal. While some claim this practice to be safe, there are a range of risks that could lead to plumbing issues and a buildup of foul smells in the kitchen. Instead, it is better to put the grounds in the compost, where they can provide valuable nutrients for your plants.





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