are coffee refills free at panera

are coffee refills free at panera

Are Coffee Refills Free At Panera?

It is a common question, are coffee refills free at Panera?

The answer is yes – coffee refills are free at Panera when you purchase the coffee in one of the bakery-cafes. You need to use the coffee cup or mug you purchased your coffee in, or you won’t get the free refills – that’s one of the terms of the deal.

Check the Label

Be sure you double check the label before you ask for your refill – the brewed coffee that can be refilled for free is marked clearly on the counter.


  • It must be the same day. Reused cups must be from the same day to qualify for a refill.
  • Bring back your cup. If it is not the same cup you originally got, you won’t qualify for a refill.
  • Only certain drinks are eligible. Not all drinks are free – it depends on the type you ordered. You will be able to see which coffees and hot drinks can be refilled with a free refill, marked clearly at the counter. You won’t qualify for a free refill if you ordered a bottled beverage or specialty drink.

Free Refills Not Available Everywhere

Free refills are only available at certain Panera Bakery-Cafes. Don’t assume you are getting a free refill – always check the counter to be on the safe side and double-check the label before you ask!





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