are coffee grounds good for grass

are coffee grounds good for grass

Is Coffee Good for Grass?

Coffee grounds are touted as a natural fertilizer for grass and other plants, but is this soil additive really beneficial? Read on to learn the truth about coffee grounds and grass.

How Coffee Grounds Affect the Soil

Coffee grounds are thought to be beneficial for grass growth in soil for several reasons:

  • Acidity: Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps to neutralize alkaline pH in soil. That helps grass gain access to essential minerals that are only available under acidic conditions.
  • Organic Matter: Coffee grounds provide organic matter that helps to improve soil texture, allowing better plant root growth.
  • Nutrients: Coffee grounds are rich in potassium and other essential minerals, which help to encourage plant growth and improve the condition of grass.

Tips for Using Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Although coffee grounds can provide some benefits to grass in the soil, there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure successful results:

  • Mix the grounds with some water before spreading them over the soil. This helps to dilute the acidity and make the grounds easier for grass roots to absorb.
  • For best results, combine coffee grounds with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This will help to ensure that your grass is getting all the essential minerals it needs for growth.
  • Spread the grounds evenly throughout the soil. If you concentrate them in one area, it could lead to too much acidity and damage to the grass.


Coffee grounds can be beneficial for grass, providing acidity, organic matter and nutrients to the soil. However, it is important to use them wisely and combine them with appropriate fertilizers to ensure that your grass is getting all the elements it needs for healthy growth.





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