will coffee grounds keep deer away from hostas


Using Coffee Grounds To Deter Deer From Hostas

Hostas are a favorite of many gardeners due to their beautiful foliage and low-maintenance requirements. However, deer can rapidly decimate hostas, leaving gardeners desperate to find a solution. Some gardeners have turned to using coffee grounds as an organic way to keep deer away from their hostas.

Do Coffee Grounds Repel Deer?

Coffee grounds can help repel deer, as many natural predators breathe in the aroma of freshly ground coffee, leading them to believe that a predator is in the immediate area. The scent of the grounds serves as a natural deterrent to deer, who perceive the grounds as a potential threat. As this is a natural solution, the scent will weaken over time, so gardeners should continually replenish the grounds in order to prevent deer from raiding their hostas.

How To Use Coffee Grounds To Deter Deer From Hostas

Using coffee grounds as a deterrent is a relatively easy process. Here are the necessary steps:

    • Purchase Coffee Grounds: Coffee grounds can be acquired from a local coffee shop or grocery store.


    • Spread Coffee Grounds: Once you’ve acquired the grounds, scatter them in an even layer over the immediate area of your hostas.


    • Reapply As Necessary: As the aroma of the grounds dissipates over time, reapply them as necessary for continuous protection of your hostas.



Using coffee grounds to repel deer from hostas is a safe, inexpensive, and natural way to protect your hosta plants. However, while it can be beneficial, it’s not a guaranteed solution to the problem and in some cases other methods may be required.





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