why is my ninja coffee maker overflowing the grounds basket

Why is My Ninja Coffee Maker Overflowing the Grounds Basket?

Brewing coffee with a Ninja Coffee Maker is a great way to enjoy your morning cup of joe, but if you’re finding grounds overflowing into your cup, it’s time to take a closer look at why your Ninja coffee maker is malfunctioning. To get your morning beverage back on track, here are a few likely causes of coffee grounds overflowing — and how to address them.

The Filter Basket Is Too Full

The first step to troubleshoot your overflowing grounds is to check the filter basket. The filter is the part of the machine that is designed to catch the grounds and keep them from overflowing into your cup. If the grounds basket is too full, the coffee can seep through and spill into your cup.

Solution: Underfill the Filter

To solve this issue, use the appropriate measuring spoon and fill the grounds basket just to the line with ground coffee — no more, no less. Using too much coffee can overload the filter and cause an overflow, so it’s important to get the filling just right.

Clogged Spout

Another common cause of overflowing grounds is a clogged coffee spout. Coffee grounds are tough but can be broken apart and cause a blockage. If the spout is blocked, the grounds can’t empty properly and end up overflowing into your cup instead.

Solution: Submerge the Entire Unit

To clear a clogged spout, submerge the entire unit in hot water for 30 minutes. This should break up any hardened grounds and clear out any obstructions, allowing the coffee to flow freely again.

Check the Seals

Finally, take a look at the seals around the filter basket. If they are cracked or worn, brew pressure can escape and push grounds up, out of the filter.

Solution: Replace the Filter Basket Seals

If the seals are damaged, it’s best to replace them with new ones. Simply unscrew the filter basket, remove the old seals and fit the new ones in their place.


An overflowing grounds basket isn’t just messy — it can affect the taste of your coffee, too. By pinpointing the problem, you can diagnose and fix the issue quickly and make sure your Ninja Coffee Maker performs as it should.

To summarize:

  • Check to see if the filter basket is too full.
  • Submerge the entire unit in hot water for clogged spouts.
  • Replace any cracked or worn seals on the filter basket.

Following these steps will help you to identify and solve the issue of an overflowing grounds basket. Enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of coffee!





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