why does my cat try to bury my coffee

why does my cat try to bury my coffee

Why Does My Cat Try to Bury My Coffee?

Do you ever wonder why your cat loves to dig in and bury your coffee? You may have noticed your furry friend attempting to dig and bury your coffee beans or grounds, leaving a trail of coffee and grounds in the process. This behavior may be confusing and frustrating, but it turns out your cat’s instinctual desire to bury their food is actually behind it.

It’s Natural Behavior

This behavior is due to their natural predators in the wild. Cats would usually hunt small animals and bury the remains once their meal was over. This was a way for them to protect their food from scavengers and other predators. While it may seem strange to us, burring their food was a learned behavior for cats to keep their meals safe.

Your Cat is Instinctively Protecting Their Meal

It’s likely that your cat is burrying your coffee to instinctively protect their meal from being snatched away, since your coffee smells so delicious!

How to Stop the Behavior

There are a few things you can do to discourage your cat from burying your coffee:

  • Put away the coffee. Make sure to store all coffee products away in a secure location out of your cat’s reach. This way, your cat won’t have access to it and won’t be able to bury it.
  • Provide an alternative. Give your cat an alternative to burying their food. Provide them with cat puzzles and feeders that can help provide them with a safe place to store their food.
  • Reward positive behavior. Praise and reward your cat when they are not burying your coffee. This will help them realize that burying coffee is not a behavior that is accepted in your home.

It can be difficult to understand why your cat would want to bury your coffee, but their instinctual need to protect what is theirs is the reason behind this behavior. By understanding why they do this, you can take steps to prevent it.





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