what trim color goes with swiss coffee


Choosing a Trim Color to go with Swiss Coffee

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your paint job, then Swiss Coffee is the color for you. This light tint of creamy beige will give your home or office building a modern and bright look, but when it comes to choosing a trim color to complement it, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Fortunately, there are several great options to consider:


One of the best choices for Swiss Coffee is a crisp white trim. This will help to break up the palette, giving the walls a neat and polished look. White is a timeless option that will look great no matter what season it is.


Grey trim can be a great way to add depth and contrast to a light-colored paint such as Swiss Coffee. It can also be used to create a feeling of coziness and warmth. You can choose a warmer grey, such as slate, or a cooler shade, like silver.


If you want to keep it simple and cohesive, beige is always a safe choice. A muted beige can add a subtle touch of warmth to Swiss Coffee, as well as help to bring out the richness of the color.


For a bold and modern look, navy is a great option. This color will make your Swiss Coffee walls pop with dramatic flair, and the dark trim will make the whole space come alive.


Finally, mustard is a great choice for those looking for something a little different. This warm and inviting color helps to add a splash of energy to a room painted Swiss Coffee, making it feel inviting and cozy.

No matter which trim color you choose to accompany your Swiss Coffee walls, it’s important to take into account the natural light in the space as well as your own personal preferences. Experiment with different colors until you find the one that you love!

Key Takeaways:

    • White is a timeless option that looks great with Swiss Coffee.


    • Grey can help to create depth and contrast.


    • Beige adds a subtle touch of warmth.


    • Navy adds boldness and modern flair.


    • Mustard adds a punch of energy and coziness.






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