what kind of coffee does starbucks use

what kind of coffee does starbucks use

What Kind of Coffee Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks is a company that has become famous for its coffee all around the world. With each cup, you can expect a consistent flavor, aroma, and quality that is unparalleled. But what kind of coffee does Starbucks use? Let’s uncover the secret blend.

The Beans

To create the signature and consistent quality of Starbucks’ coffee, the company relies on two key bean types:

  • Arabica – Arabica beans tend to be softer, complex, and more flavorful.
  • Robusta – Robusta beans are more bold and powerful with a strong, nutty flavor.

Starbucks blends its coffee beans with a 70/30 blend of Arabica to Robusta beans. This combination creates a signature flavor not often found in other coffee types.

The Process

The next step in the process is roasting. The roasting of coffee greatly affects the flavor of the beans. Darker roasts are usually bolder and deeper, while lighter roasts carry more of the natural flavor of the bean. Starbucks uses a medium roast for its coffee, creating the sweet, balanced flavor that can be consistently found in its stores.

The Secret Ingredient

Finally, to ensure that every cup of coffee sold by Starbucks tastes exactly the same, the company adds one special ingredient – love. That’s right, Starbucks adds a bit of love to each cup, as every barista always make sure to put their own unique spin on the coffee they serve!


From the special blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, to the medium roast, and finally their unique sprinkling of love – Starbucks’ coffee is truly unique. Thanks to this, you can expect the same delicious cup each time you visit.

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