is peet’s coffee fair trade

is peet’s coffee fair trade

Is Peet’s Coffee Fair Trade?

The days of blindly buying coffee without considering where it comes from and the impact it has on the environment are over. Many of us want to consume ethical products, and the fair trade movement is growing in popularity.

What Exactly is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach that seeks to help producers in developing countries to receive fair wages and working conditions. Companies, who participate in the movement, pay a higher price to farmers who meet a certain set of standards. This means that farmers are not taken advantage of, and they receive a fair price for all of their hard work.

Does Peet’s Coffee Participate in Fair Trade?

Yes, Peet’s Coffee does participate in the fair trade movement. Peet’s Coffe is dedicated to transparent sourcing and ethical farming practices. They have partnered with over 800 farmers and have worked to create a meaningful relationship between them and their coffee.

What Does This Mean for Peet’s Coffee Consumers?

For consumers, knowing that Peet’s Coffee upholds fair trade standards is an assurance that their coffee is sourced ethically and sustainably. Here are some of the advantages of fair trade certified coffee:

  • Small Farmers are Paid More: Fair trade helps farmers in developing countries receive a higher price for their coffee, which can make a huge difference in the way they do business.
  • Better Working Conditions: Fair Trade means better wages and improved labor conditions.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Fair Trade promotes sustainable farming practices and prevents deforestation.

When it comes to coffee, buying from a company that participates in fair trade is a must. Coffee is a global commodity, and with Peet’s Coffee’s commitment to the fair trade movement, consumers can feel good about the product that they are buying.





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