is coffee mate banned in other countries

is coffee mate banned in other countries

Is Coffee Mate Banned in Other Countries?

Coffee Mate, the world’s leading powdered creamy creamer, has been popular in the United States and abroad for many years. The product has been lauded for its convenience and its great taste. But is Coffee Mate banned in other countries?

What is Coffee Mate?

Coffee Mate is a powdered, creamy creamer that can be used to make regular and flavored coffee drinks. It is manufactured by Nestlé and contains a variety of different ingredients, such as sugar, vegetable oil, salt, corn syrup solids, and other artificial flavors.

What Countries is Coffee Mate Banned In?

Coffee Mate is currently banned in only two countries: Turkey and Israel. In Turkey, the ban is due to the presence of trans fats in the product. While the trans fats in Coffee Mate are not considered to be dangerous, it is still banned due to the fact that it exceeds the allowable limit as defined by Turkish regulations.

In Israel, Coffee Mate is banned due to the ingredients kannam and rapeseed oil, which are not currently authorized ingredients under Israeli regulations.

Is Coffee Mate safe?

Although Coffee Mate is banned in certain countries, it is still seen as a safe, healthy, and convenient product. The use of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorings is kept to a minimum and the trans fat content of the product is low.

Overall, Coffee Mate is considered to be a healthy and convenient product for those who want to enjoy a creamy, flavored coffee drink without the guilt.


It is important to note that Coffee Mate is currently banned in only two countries: Turkey and Israel. In both countries, the ban is due to regulations surrounding specific ingredients in the product. In all other countries, Coffee Mate is considered a healthy and convenient product.





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