how to sell baked goods to coffee shops

how to sell baked goods to coffee shops

How To Sell Baked Goods To Coffee Shops

Selling baked goods to a coffee shop can be a great way to supplement or even create a bakery business. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just getting started, follow these tips to start selling your treats to coffee shops.

Know Your Treats

Before you approach a coffee shop, make sure you know what you plan on offering and the types of treats they will be. Consider the variety of baked goods you intend to provide and create a selection that makes sense both for the coffee shop and its customers.

Research the Potential Outlets

Research local coffee shops and pick the ones that you’d like to pitch your goods. Make sure to Google them and visit their websites, as this will give you a great understanding of what they are looking for and the type of customers they have.

Set Up Appointments

Once you’ve identified coffee shops to target, call or email the coffee shop to set up an appointment. Let them know exactly what you want to discuss and ask specifically for the individual in charge of ordering. This can be the manager, barista or even the owner. If you get past the gatekeeper, you’ll have a chance to make your pitch.

Make Your Pitch

When you arrive for your appointment, make sure to bring samples of your baked goods, as well as any other marketing materials like your business card, menu and pricing. Have an idea of the terms you’d like to offer, such as discounts for larger orders or free delivery. Be ready to discuss your baking experience, the quality of your products and why customers should choose your treats.

Close the Deal

If the coffee shop is interested in carrying your treats, talk about how often you plan on delivering and any other details. You can even offer incentives for larger orders or a loyalty program for repeat customers. Don’t forget to get important information such as the contact information of the decision-maker and the address for delivery.

Follow Up

After you make your pitch, follow up with the coffee shop to check in and make sure they received your materials. This is also an opportunity to make sure that there are no questions or clarification needed. Finally, make sure to check on the coffee shop monthly to see how your treats are doing and if they would like to order more.

Following these steps will help you get started in selling baked goods to coffee shops, giving you the opportunity to launch and grow your own bakery business. Being prepared and professional can make a great impression, setting you up for success.





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