how to put logo on coffee mug

how to put logo on coffee mug

How to Put a Logo on a Coffee Mug

If you’re looking to promote your business while people enjoy their morning cup of coffee, putting a logo on a coffee mug is the perfect idea. Here are the steps you need to follow to easily put a logo on a coffee mug.

Step One: Parameterize your file

Your logo will need be resized and reformatted for a mug. So, you’ll need to adjust the parameters of the original file. This can usually be done in Photoshop or other photo editing software.

Step Two: Choose the Mug

Next you’ll need to decide which mug to use. White mugs are most commonly used as it allows for the logo to stand out. However, if you want to customize your mug, you can use any color mug you desire.

Step Three: Testing

Before printing your logo on the mug, you’ll need to do a test paper print. Use light card stock paper to print your logo so that you can quickly judge how it will appear on the mug. Just make sure your logo is the right width and height for the mug.

Step Four: Printing Process

Now that your logo is ready, you’ll need to decide on a printing method. There are a variety of printing methods available such as silk screening and heat transfers.

Step Five: Final Steps

Once you’ve chosen a printing method and printed the logo on the mug, it is time for the fine touches. Then the mug is ready for the glazing process to ensure it becomes a stain and water-resistant product. Finally, let the mug cool for a few hours to ensure the logo and the glaze are bonded together.


If you’re looking to share your business while someone enjoys a cup of coffee, then putting a logo a coffee mug is the perfect solution. Just follow the steps outlined above:

  • Parametarize your logo file.
  • Choose the Mug.
  • Do a Testing paper print.
  • Choose a Printing Process.
  • Do the Final Steps.

These steps will ensure that your logo is perfectly printed on the mug and that it becomes a long-lasting product.





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