how to make coffee filter wreath


How to Make a Coffee Filter Wreath

Making your own coffee filter wreath is a simple, low-cost craft that looks beautiful. Here’s how to make your own!

Supplies you’ll need:


    • Coffee filters


    • Ribbon


    • Cardboard


    • Hot glue gun


    • Scissors




    1. Cut a piece of cardboard into a ring. The size and shape of the ring will determine the size of your wreath, so decide how big you want it to be before you cut.


    1. Fold coffee filters in half and glue them to the ring. Start at the outside and work your way in until the cardboard is completely covered. You can also glue them slightly overlapping for an even more attractive look.


    1. Cut the ribbon into strips. Cut enough strips to wrap around the entire ring. Fold them in half and use hot glue to attach them to the back of the wreath, creating loops.


    1. Create your desired design on the front of the wreath. Whether you choose to arrange the ribbon and filters in a circle pattern or come up with something entirely original is up to you. Don’t forget, you can always rearrange them and make changes until you’re happy with how it looks.


And voila!

Your coffee filter wreath is now complete. All that’s left to do is display it proudly in your home. Who knew coffee filters could be so versatile? Have fun making your coffee filter wreath!





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