how to make a concrete coffee table

how to make a concrete coffee table

How To Make a Concrete Coffee Table

Making the Preparations

  • Gather the supplies.
    • 1-part concrete mix
    • Wooden board of your desired size for the base
    • A frame for the mold
    • Wooden boards for the sides of the frame
    • Screws
  • Build the frame.
    • Attach the wooden boards to the four sides of the mold.
    • Perform some calculations to build the top properly.
  • Divide the concrete mix.

    • Fill up two thirds of the frame with concrete mix.
    • Smooth the mix over with a trowel.

Making the Tables

  • Create the top.
    • Attach the wooden board to the frame using screws.
    • Pour the remaining third of the concrete mix onto the wooden board.
    • Smooth out the top.
  • Wait for it to dry.
    • Allow your project to sit and dry for 48 hours.
    • It should have hardened to a solid state.
  • Remove your table from the mold.
    • Carefully remove the frame from the table.
    • You may need to use a spatula if the frame has adhered to the concrete.
  • Finish your table.
    • Sand down the edges with medium-grade sandpaper.
    • Apply your favourite finish, such as clear sealant, wax or stain.


Enjoy your new concrete coffee table! It is sure to make an interesting conversation piece for your guests.





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