how to keep chemex coffee warm

how to keep chemex coffee warm

How to Keep Chemex Coffee Warm

Do you want to keep drinking your Chemex-brewed coffee while it’s still hot? Here are the steps to help you keep it warm:

1. Pre-heat the Chemex

Using hot water, pre-heat the Chemex for about a minute before you fill it. This keeps the temperature of the glass consistent, resulting in your coffee lasting longer.

2. Choose an insulated mug or cup

Using an insulated mug or cup to pour your coffee into will help keep the temperature for much longer.

3. Insulate the Chemex

Insulate the Chemex using a double-walled glass, or use a cozy or wool sock to wrap around it.

4. Re-brew the coffee

Re-brew the coffee every 30 minutes to an hour. The new brew will maintain the temperature of the existing coffee in the Chemex.

5. Use heated cups

Brew your coffee into a pre-heated, insulated cup or mug to increase the chances of keeping your drink warm.

6. Heat your coffee

If all else fails, you can always heat up your coffee. You can either use an electric mug, or simply heat up the coffee in a pot or microwave.

Tips to remember:

  • Pre-heat your Chemex and cup for best results
  • Insulate your coffee with a double-walled glass or wool sock
  • Re-brew the coffee within 30 minutes to an hour

All these steps are easily achievable and help to ensure that your Chemex-brewed coffee will stay warm for a long time.





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