how to design a coffee table book

how to design a coffee table book

Designing a Coffee Table Book

Designing a coffee table book is a great way to show off your art, photographs, or work. Whether you’re making a portfolio book or a photobook, there are certain tips that can help you create a memorable and professional-looking book.


  • Choose A Size – Deciding the size of your book can depend on the number of pages you wish to include. A 4×6 or 8×10 book will work well for a portfolio or scrapbook, while an 11×14 or 12×12 book can work for a photography book.
  • Select A Theme – Think about the message and feeling you want your book to convey. If you’re creating a book about a specific subject, you can use a certain theme or color palette that’s playful or sophisticated. A theme can serve as a unifying element throughout your book.
  • Group Content – Group photos, art, and design together to create a cohesive and coherent layout. You can also think about a narrative and space out your content accordingly. If the book will be broken up into chapters, decide on the length of these chapters and their subtitles.
  • Design Layout – There are many devices and techniques you can use to create an interesting layout in your book. Include larger images, feature quotes, add captions for illustrations, use boxes for images, and vary the number of columns per page.
  • Check Details – Before you finish your design, be sure to double-check all elements. This includes the cover design, page content, page numbers, typeface, and page margins. You should also check for any inconsistencies with the text and images.


Creating a coffee table book is an engaging and enjoyable experience. It can be a great way to showcase your work or display your travel photos in a professional, visual format. It’s also a great way to tell a story or create a portfolio of your ideas. When done well, a coffee table book will communicate its message to its readers in a captivating and creative way.





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