how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise make

how much does a scooter’s coffee franchise make

How Much Does A Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Make?

Scooter’s Coffee is one of the most popular coffee franchises in the United States. With over 300 franchise locations, the company is well-established and continues to see growth in the industry. But just how much does a Scooter’s Coffee franchise make?

Average Yearly Income Generated by Franchise Location

It’s difficult to estimate the exact profitability of a Scooter’s Coffee franchise due to the wide range of locations and operating costs. However, the average franchise sees an annual income of $458,244. This number can range depending on the individual location, with some franchise locations bringing in significantly more, while others may make less.

Costs and Fees of Owning a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise

Interest in operating a Scooter’s Coffee franchise can be high, with the company’s extensive experience in the industry and reasonable franchise fees. Potential franchisees will need to pay an initial franchise fee of $30,000, with ongoing fees that amount to 5% of total monthly sales. Initial set up costs can range from $391,400 to $664,969, and potential franchisees will need to factor in these costs when making their decision.

Additional Revenue Streams

AScooter’s Coffee franchise can also provide additional revenue streams beyond the sale of coffee. These include merchandise, food items, and other beverage options. Potential franchisees should factor in these additional revenue streams when making their decision in order to get an accurate picture of potential profits.

Overall, a Scooter’s Coffee franchise can be a great source of income for potential franchisees. With the right research and planning, franchisees can see a lucrative return on their investment.





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