how many ounces in a pound of coffee

how many ounces in a pound of coffee

How many Ounces in a Pound of Coffee?

The answer to the question of how many ounces in a pound of coffee depends on the type and ground of coffee that you are using. The most commonly used coffee for espresso drinks is ground coffee, and one pound of ground coffee usually contains around 16 ounces.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is the most commonly used for espresso drinks such as cappuccino and lattes. The coffee grounds are very fine and the coffee can be packaged in either loose or compressed form. One pound of ground coffee contains 16 ounces and is normally ground into a fine powder or a coarse grind.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is coffee granules that dissolve in water. It is much faster to prepare than brewed coffee but can have a harsher and sometimes bitter taste. One pound of instant coffee contains 16 ounces.

Pre-Ground Coffee

Pre-ground coffee is already ground but not necessarily in the same size grind. It is usually packaged as either loose or compressed. One pound of pre-ground coffee contains 16 ounces.

Whole Beans

Whole beans are typically used for drip and pour-over coffee. The beans are usually freshly roasted and are usually bought in larger one pound packages. However, due to the size of the beans, one pound of whole beans will contain fewer ounces than one pound of ground coffee. One pound of whole beans usually contains around 10 ounces.


In conclusion, the number of ounces in a pound of coffee depends on the type and size of the coffee grounds. For ground coffee, one pound usually contains 16 ounces, for instant coffee, pre-ground coffee, and whole beans it also contains 16 ounces, 10 ounces, respectively. So generally one pound of coffee contains 16 ounces.





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