how long does vacuum sealed coffee last


How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Coffee Last?

Do you love the taste of freshly ground coffee but don’t know how to keep it fresh for longer? Vacuum-sealed coffee offers the best way to store your beans and preserve them for weeks after roasting. In this article we’ll explore how long vacuum sealed coffee can last and how to get the most out of it.

The Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Coffee

Vacuum sealing your coffee beans has several advantages that provide a more consistent and lasting flavour:

  • Air tightness: When you vacuum seal coffee, the only remain air is sucked out of the container. This means that no additional air can enter and oxygen from the air can’t degrade the coffee.
  • Protection from moisture: Properly vacuum sealed coffee will not be exposed to any moisture, which prevents the beans from spoiling or going stale.
  • Protection from light: Vacuum sealing coffee in an airtight bag protects it from direct sunlight or any other source of bright, intense light that could otherwise cause the coffee beans to deteriorate.

How Long Will Vacuum Sealed Coffee Last?

Vacuum sealed coffee can usually last up to 4 weeks after it is roasted. To get the most out of your beans, drink them within this time frame. After 4 weeks, the coffee beans may start to lose their freshness.

It’s important to note that when storing your beans in a sealed container, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight in order to preserve the coffee’s freshness. Vacuum sealed coffee should be stored in a cool, dark place in order to extend its shelf life.

The Takeaway

Vacuum sealed coffee has many benefits and can last up to 4 weeks after it is roasted. When stored correctly, your beans can stay fresh and tasty for longer. So, the next time you buy coffee beans, make sure to vacuum seal them for maximum flavor and freshness!





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