how do you say coffee in italian

how do you say coffee in italian

The Italian Word for Coffee-Caffè

If you are a lover of coffee and a traveller, you may want to know how to say the word ‘coffee’ in different languages around the world. In this article, we are taking a look at how to say ‘coffee’ in Italian. The Italian word for coffee is Caffè

Ways You Can Say Caffè in Italian

Not only is the word ‘Caffè’ the Italian word for coffee, but there are some other variations of the word you may come across while travelling. Here are some other words you might come across in conversation when trying to order coffee:

  • Cafettino – The diminutive form of the word, meaning a small coffee.
  • Caffè ristretto – An espresso made with half the usual amount of water, which is stronger and more concentrated.
  • Caffè lungo – The opposite to a ristretto, this is a drink made with double the usual amount of water.
  • Caffè corretto – Usually served after dinner, a shot of espresso with a dash of something alcoholic added.

Ordering Coffee in a Café in Italy

If you are ordering coffee in an Italian café, you simply need to order ‘Un caffè per favore‘ which roughly translates to ‘a coffee, please’.

Keep in mind that in Italy, coffee is usually served in an espresso cup with a single shot of coffee. Larger coffee servings such as cappuccinos, americanos, and lattes are not the norm. Additionally, these types of coffee are generally drunk in the morning and not after a meal. In contrast, an espresso is generally seen as an after-dinner treat, which is why the Caffè Corretto is more popular.

Now you know the word for coffee in Italian, Bon voyage and don’t forget to grab a caffè while you’re there!





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