how are coffee beans grown

how are coffee beans grown

How Coffee Beans are Grown

Coffee is an essential part of the daily routine for millions of people around the world. But where do the beans for this much-needed elixir come from? Reading about the process of growing coffee can add appreciation to every cup.

Selecting the Plant

For the best-tasting coffee, growers hand-select two types:

  • Arabica beans are considered to have a higher flavor quality than other varieties, and are slightly more expensive.
  • Robusta beans have a higher caffeine content and a slightly harsher flavor.

Location, Location, Location

Coffee plants require very specific growing conditions in order to thrive. While they can survive in some areas with lower temperatures, they need warmth and humid conditions. It helps if they have plenty of direct sunshine, especially in the morning.

Caring for the Plants

Once the soil and location are chosen, the growers can start nurturing their plants. Most coffee farmers take painstaking care of their plants, as they understand that this contributes to the quality of the coffee beans. Some tactics used to keep the plants healthy include:

  • Watering regularly with clean water
  • Fertilizing with the right nutrients
  • Protecting them from insects and pests
  • Regularly pruning and trimming

Harvesting the Beans

Once the coffee cherries turn a deep shade of red, it is time for the harvest. It’s important to not pick the beans too early, as this can ruin their flavor. Each coffee cherry contains two beans, and the harvest can take place either manually or with machinery.

Processing the Beans

Once the beans are picked, they must be dried and processed. This can involve both sun-drying and the use of a machine to remove the outer layers. The beans are then sorted according to their size.

Roasting the Beans

The final stage of production is to roast the beans. This step is vital as it develops the flavor and aroma of the beans. Roasting also reduces acidity, making the resulting coffee less bitter.


All in all, growing and producing coffee takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. It involves careful selection, precise nurturing, and skillful roasting. Even the best beans in the world can only give a great taste if each step is well-executed. Hence, every cup of coffee that is enjoyed is the result of love and hard work.





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