don’t ask just pour the coffee


Don’t ask, Just Pour the Coffee

Drinking coffee has become such a staple part of many people’s morning routines that it can almost be considered routine. As with any kind of repetitive activity, it’s easy to forget the joy and relaxation bringing that comes with the act of drinking coffee. So, instead of asking “Would you like a coffee?” why not just pour a cup and savor the moment?

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Creating the perfect cup of coffee can be an art form all its own. From grinding your own beans to making a pour over, the task of making coffee can be as simple or as involved as you wish. Whether you prefer an automatic coffee maker or a hand-crafted cup of java, take time to appreciate and savor the smell and flavor of your coffee. But the most important part of making coffee is enjoying it.

Benefits of Enjoying Coffee Mindfully

Here are some of the benefits of trying a mindful approach to drinking coffee:

    • Calmness – Taking a few moments to be mindful of your coffee allows you to stop and take a deep breath, slowing down your racing thoughts and worries. This allows you to feel calmer and more in control.
    • Appreciation – Taking the time to fully enjoy your coffee can help you to appreciate the small moments in life. By focusing on the taste and smell of the coffee, you can appreciate the simple moments of life more.
    • Connection – Drinking coffee with others can be a great way to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Instead of simply asking “Would you like coffee?”, why not pour the coffee and share in the joy of your morning?
    • Reflection – Taking a few moments to yourself to enjoy a cup of coffee can help you to reflect on your day. Taking a few minutes to yourself to enjoy your coffee can help you to relax and focus on what you’ve achieved that day.



Don’t ask, just pour. Taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee can be a simple way to add joy to your morning routine. By taking time to appreciate the smell and flavor of your coffee, you can enjoy moments of mindfulness, reflection, and connection. So don’t ask, just pour and enjoy your cup of coffee!





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