does coffee have gluten in it

does coffee have gluten in it

Does Coffee Have Gluten in it?

Coffee does not contain gluten, although the type of coffee, additives and serving methods can influence the gluten content. Coffee beans, the single main ingredient of coffee, are naturally gluten-free, as is brewed coffee. However, if other ingredients like creamer, syrup, or beer are added to coffee, they may contain gluten.

Why Does Gluten-free Matter?

People with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, or those who have a gluten sensitivity, should be aware of the gluten content in any coffee drinks they consume. People with celiac disease can suffer serious health consequences if exposed to even the tiniest amount of gluten.

Types of Coffee

Not all coffee drinks are the same – some may contain ingredients or be served in a way that introduces potential gluten sources. The main types of coffee are:

  • Brewed Coffee: A common way of making coffee is to use ground coffee beans, a coffee filter, and water. The primitive way to prepare this type of coffee is a French press. All of these brewing methods lack gluten, so the brew itself is gluten-free.
  • Instant Coffee: Instant coffee is brewed coffee that has had all the water removed, leaving a powdered concentrate. This form of coffee is usually gluten-free, unless there are added ingredients in the mix.
  • Iced Coffee: This type of coffee is brewed coffee served over ice and regular versions are gluten-free. But, if other ingredients are added or if the ice is made with tap water, it becomes a potential source of gluten.
  • Flavored Coffee: Flavored coffee varieties can add ingredients such as sugar, cream, and flavorings. Whenever these ingredients are introduced, there is the possibility of gluten being added to your cup of coffee.

The Gluten-Free Verdict

Coffee is a naturally gluten-free drink, but the type of coffee, additives and serving methods can influence the gluten content. It is recommended that anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity investigate the potential sources of gluten of all coffee drinks prior to consuming.





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