do coffee grounds keep bugs away


Does Coffee Grounds Keep Bugs Away?

Coffee grounds can be a great deterrent to keep bugs away from your garden or home. But do they actually work – and how can you use them?

How Coffee Grounds Work

Coffee grounds are bacteria-rich and acidic, which makes them unattractive to bugs. It has been found that coffee grounds can have an effect on slugs and snails, as well as some insects, including ants.

How To Use Coffee Grounds

Using coffee grounds as an insect repellent is fairly straightforward. Here are some tips for using it to repel bugs:

    • Sprinkle: Sprinkle used coffee grounds around the perimeter of your home or garden.


    • Mix: Mix coffee grounds into the soil of your garden beds.


    • Brew: Brew a pot of strong black coffee, and pour it into areas where bugs are a problem.


    • Repel: Be sure to reapply the coffee grounds every couple of weeks to ensure that the scent is strong enough to repel bugs.


The Benefits Of Coffee Grounds

Using coffee grounds as a insect repellent has many benefits:

    • Inexpensive: Coffee grounds are very inexpensive and easy to come by.


    • Natural: Coffee grounds are a natural and safe solution to keep insects away.


    • Easy to Use: Coffee grounds are easy to sprinkle around the home or add to soil.


    • Effective: Coffee grounds have been found to be an effective deterrent against a variety insects.


Overall, using coffee grounds to repel bugs can be a safe, natural, and inexpensive solution – if used properly.





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