can you put coffee grinds in a garbage disposal

can you put coffee grinds in a garbage disposal

Can You Put Coffee Grinds in a Garbage Disposal?

Coffee grounds have become a popular addition to gardens and compost piles, but can they be successfully used in a garbage disposal?

What Happens When you Put Coffee Grinds Down the Drain?

Coffee grinds can clog your drain and create buildup in your pipes. Over time, the wet grinds can solidify and cake onto the walls of the pipes, preventing a free flow of water.

Do Coffee Grinds Foul Up a Garbage Disposal?

Yes, coffee grounds can cause clogs as well as damage to the blades in a garbage disposal. Even if you are able to successfully grind the coffee grinds, they can still form clogs further down the drain system.

What Should You Do Instead?

Here are some alternatives for disposing of coffee grinds:

  • Compost: Coffee grinds are rich in nitrogen, making them a great addition to a compost pile.
  • Gardens: Coffee grinds are also a great addition to garden beds, as they help to slow the release of moisture.
  • Mulch: You can also use the grounds to create a mulch in your yard.


While it may seem convenient to dump coffee grinds into a garbage disposal, it can cause major issues in your plumbing system. It’s best to keep coffee grinds out of the garbage disposal and find alternative ways to dispose of them.





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