can you mix coffee and tea

can you mix coffee and tea

Can You Mix Coffee and Tea?

Mixing coffee and tea is a surprisingly delicious combination that may be worth your consideration. Whether you’re looking to add a little excitement to your morning caffeine routine or want to experiment with flavors, combining tea and coffee can be a great way to shake up your current routine.

Benefits of Mixing Coffee & Tea

Mixing coffee and tea offers several unique benefits:

  • A Wider Range of Flavors: Combining coffee and tea can open up an entirely new world of flavor combinations to explore. You can add sweetness, layers of complexity, fruity notes, and more by blending the two.
  • Customize Your Caffeine Level: With handcrafted coffee-tea combos, you can customize the amount of caffeine you want to consume in the morning for a customized buzz.
  • Unique Taste: Coffee and tea mixed together give you a unique taste that cannot be achieved by drinking either one separately.

Types of Coffee-Tea Combos

There are plenty of different types of coffee-tea combos to choose from:

  • Chai-Coffee: Mix your favorite chai tea with equal parts of strong coffee for an exotic take on the morning cup.
  • Matcha-Mocha: This combination starts with espresso, a touch of dark chocolate, plus a scoop of matcha green tea powder for a luxurious and velvety drink.
  • Honey-Vanilla Latte: This latte combines vanilla-infused coffee with honey-vanilla black tea. Add a swirl of frothed milk and you have a sweet and creamy morning pick-me-up.


Mixing coffee and tea is an adventure for the senses that may be too tempting to pass up. With countless flavor combinations to choose from, the possibilities for experimenting with coffee-tea blends are almost endless. Try a new take on your morning cup of joe today!





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