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Can You Drink Too Much Coffee in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players enjoy customizing their homes, cultivating flowers, and fishing. However, you can also whip up a cup of joe or two to share with your island friends at the Roost Café. But is consuming too much of the hot commodity a real concern?

How to Brew Coffee

Coffee-making is no simple task in New Horizons, as there is quite a lengthy process. To begin, you must purchase a coffee machine from the Nook Stop Machine in the Resident Services building. This will give you the vaulting 800 Nook Miles. You must then venture to Harv’s Island and exchange 200 Nook Miles and one other type of currency known as Nook Miles Ticket. Note that while each trip to the island is supposed to be unique, the same price still applies every time.

What Coffee Variations Are Available?

Before you can sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite java, you need to pick the accompanying ingredients. There are 8 total variations:

    • Kona Blend


    • Mocha


    • Blue Mountain


    • Jamaican Blue Mountain


    • Mint-Mocha


    • Kilimanjaro


    • Robusta


    • Uppers Blend


Each of these variations require three ingredients: beans, sugar, and milk. While the type of beans and sugar used will vary depending on the flavor, you have the option of using regular or soy milk. Cream, however, is not available.

Can You Drink Too Much Coffee in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The answer is yes, although the consequences for drinking too much of the caffeinated beverage are not immediately apparent. Drinking coffee can give your character an energy boost and improves the emotions shown on their expressions. Caffeine can also help keep your character full throughout the day.

However, once your character reaches the maximum level of caffeine, any additional cups of coffee they drink will go to waste. This means that despite the cost of ingredients, players will still be able to get a few cups of coffee out of each purchase. But be warned: too much coffee can lead to headaches and stomachaches, so moderation is essential!

In short, drinking coffee in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a fun way to stay energized, but make sure to keep an eye on your character’s caffeine level. Otherwise, you might end up with a tired and grumpy villager on your hands!





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