can i drink coffee through a straw with braces

can i drink coffee through a straw with braces

Can I Drink Coffee Through a Straw with Braces?

Drinking coffee is a popular activity for many people, particularly in the morning. But, when you have braces is it still possible to enjoy a sip of your favorite brew? Fortunately, the answer for most is a resounding yes!

Understand the Risks

The primary risk when drinking coffee with braces is that of staining. Coffee is a dark liquid and can stick to the brackets and wires that make up your braces. This plaque can seriously discolor your appliance, giving it a much less attractive look.

Choose Your Beverage Wisely

Decaffeinated coffees may be the best choice when sipping through straw, as they’re usually lighter in color and less likely to stain. You should also avoid anything containing sugar or syrup, as the sugars can stick to the braces and create a sticky, discolored mess.

Practice Smart Drinking Habits

Simple precautions can help minimize the risk of staining braces with coffee. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Stick to straws: Always drink coffee through a straw. The distance between the liquid and your braces is longer so it has less opportunity to cause staining.
  • Rinse after drinking: Rinse your mouth out with water after drinking coffee. This will help limit the amount of coffee residue left on the braces.
  • Brush regularly: Brush your teeth and your braces twice a day to remove any built-up particles of coffee or other dark-colored liquids.


In general, it’s perfectly safe to enjoy coffee while wearing braces. Just practice smart drinking habits, like using a straw and rinsing your mouth afterwards, and always remember to brush your teeth and braces regularly. With this simple routine, you can continue to enjoy a sip of coffee while wearing braces without worrying about staining your appliance.





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