are roaches in coffee

are roaches in coffee

Are Roaches Really in Coffee?

Have you ever heard of roaches in coffee? It’s a scary thought, but is it true? Reports of roaches in coffee started to circulate around the internet, causing a lot of people to question if it’s true. Here we’ll explore if there’s a chance you could be drinking bug-filled coffee.

What’s the Story Behind Coffee Roaches?

The story essentially began with an urban legend that roaches are frequently found in coffee beans. Although no one seems to know exactly where this story originated, it’s been around for some time and has caused a lot of fear among coffee drinkers.

Are Roaches Really in Coffee?

The simple answer is, no. While it is possible for coffee beans to become infested with roaches, it is very rare. Most coffee is packaged in such a way that prevents roaches from entering and contaminating the beans. Furthermore, roasting the coffee beans before sale ensures that any potential pests are incinerated in the process.

What Else Could Be in Your Coffee?

Unfortunately, some coffee has been known to contain unwanted materials that are not necessarily roaches. Here are few of the things that can reportedly be found in coffee:

  • Insect Parts: although rare, it’s possible for there to be traces of other insect parts in coffee.
  • Weeds: due to low quality processing, weeds can occasionally be found in coffee.
  • Mold: due to improper storage and handling, mold can grow on coffee beans.

How to Avoid Roaches in Coffee

Your best bet is to buy coffee from a reputable and quality coffee supplier. Make sure the coffee is packaged in a way that prevents pests from entering, and always check the expiry date before buying. Finally, be sure to store the coffee in an airtight container, in a dry area, away from food, to keep it as fresh as possible and to prevent mold growth.


To wrap up, while it is theoretically possible to find roaches in your coffee, it is highly unlikely. Without proper consideration, it is possible to find other undesirables in coffee though, so it is best to buy the highest quality coffee you can find, and to take care to store it properly.





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