why is my coffee maker overflowing the grounds basket

why is my coffee maker overflowing the grounds basket

Why Does My Coffee Maker Overflow The Grounds Basket?

Making a delicious cup of coffee should be simple and straightforward, but sometimes, coffee makers will overflow the grounds basket. Finding out why this happens can be the difference between making a good cup and making a great one. Here are some common reasons why a coffee maker might overflow the grounds basket:

Uneven Grinding

If the coffee beans were not ground evenly, then chunks of coffee can get stuck together and clog the grounds basket. This can make water flow over the rim, resulting in an overflowing grounds basket. Make sure you always use freshly ground beans, or pre-ground beans if you don’t have a grinder.

Wrong Coffee Filter

Sometimes the coffee filter is not the correct size for the basket. If the filter is too small, it can allow coffee grounds to escape. Make sure you are using the correct size filter for your machine.

Excessively Tight Filter

If the filter is overly-tight, then it may be blocking the flow of water and causing it to overflow. Make sure the filter is on properly and that the filter is not so tightly packed that it affects water flow.

Excessive Amounts of Coffee Grounds

Too much coffee grounds in the filter can also cause an overflowing grounds basket. Make sure you are only using the recommended amount of grounds for your filter.

A Clogged Coffee Maker

If your coffee maker is clogged, water will not be able to flow freely and will overflow the grounds basket. Find a way to clean out any clogs, such as with a specialized cleaner, paper clip, needle-nose pliers, or a wooden skewer.

By following these tips and understanding why your coffee maker might be overflowing the grounds basket, you can ensure a perfect cup of coffee every time.





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