why is fair trade coffee important

why is fair trade coffee important

Why is Fair Trade Coffee Important?

Fair Trade coffee is a coffee that is ethically sourced and produced for coffee lovers around the globe. It is coffee that is purchased from farmers who have been certified by Fairtrade Internation and must adhere to certain standards.

Benefits of Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade coffee offers many benefits to the farmers and their local communities, as well as many benefits to the global market. Here is why Fair Trade coffee is so important:

1. Improve Farmer’s Living Standards

Fair Trade ensures that farmers are paid a price for their beans that is above the market rate, enabling them to earn a better living. Farmers are also paid immediately so they can quickly reinvest in their businesses.

2. Help Farmers Invest In their Communities

Fair Trade funds help farmers invest in their communities and help their local economies by providing services like access to clean water and health care, schooling and opportunities for sustainable growth.

3. Increase Coffee Quality

Fair Trade beans are grown and processed to higher standards, ensuring a superior quality for coffee lovers worldwide. Investment in good processing and a focus on sustainability result in a better tasting and better quality coffee.

4. Improve Sustainability and Protection of the Environment

Fair Trade certified coffee farms must adhere to environmental standards that help ensure better soil health, clean water and a more sustainable farming practice. This protects the land and ensures a future supply of coffee.


Fair Trade coffee is an important part of the global coffee market and an invaluable asset to the farmers who grow it, their local communities and global coffee lovers. By choosing to buy Fair Trade coffee, we can help ensure a better quality coffee and a better future for those farmers and communities.





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