why is coffee so expensive now

why is coffee so expensive now

Why is Coffee So Expensive Now?

Coffee has been a reliable and necessary daily pick-me-up for many of us, and its skyrocketing price means our beloved cup of joe has become increasingly expensive. Here are some of the reasons why coffee might be more expensive than ever before.

Increase in Demand

It’s no surprise that demand affects price. Coffee is a global commodity, and an increasing number of countries are growing, consuming, and liking coffee each year. This increase in demand puts a strain on the coffee suppliers who have to meet the needs of millions of coffee drinkers.

Supply Chain Issues

The global coffee supply chain is complex and can be affected by issues like bad weather and market disruptions. An unstable supply chain can create problems for coffee producers and suppliers, leading to higher prices and lower availability.

Coffee Quality

Coffee quality can also affect price. Coffee is rated by its bean size, density, and quality. Higher quality beans are often more expensive, but provide a richer and more flavorful cup of coffee. To get the best cup possible, some people are willing to pay more for higher quality coffee.

Labor Costs

Labor costs also contribute to the price of coffee. Growing and harvesting coffee beans is a labor-intensive process, and most coffee growers are small, family-run farms. Plus, with the increasing demand for coffee, wages for laborers have had to go up as well.


The cost of packaging is another thing to consider when it comes to coffee prices. Coffee needs to be sealed in airtight, moisture resistant packaging to ensure that the flavor and aroma isn’t compromised. This means added costs for packaging materials and the labor to package and ship the coffee.

In summary, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the rising price of coffee. From an increase in demand to packaging costs, the cost of a cup of coffee can add up quickly. While coffee prices may be higher than ever, it’s still a beloved and necessary daily cup for many of us.





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