why is a coffee table called a coffee table

why is a coffee table called a coffee table

Why is a Coffee Table called a Coffee Table?

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out why something is named the way it is. This is certainly true with the coffee table. After all, why would something that isn’t used to make coffee at all be called a “coffee table”?

From Europe to America

The coffee table is believed to have originated in Europe during the Victorian era. Initially, it was called a “tea table,” because it was most often used to serve tea during social gatherings. After it became popular in the United States, the name was changed to “coffee table” for two possible reasons.

One reason is because coffee was more popular in the US than it was in Europe. The second reason is because of its height. At the time, coffee tables were often around the same height as the average coffee table.

Unique Uses

In today’s homes, coffee tables are the centerpiece of the living room. They are the perfect place to put remotes, magazines, coffee mugs, and other items. And they are often used as a footstool, a makeshift dining room table, and a gathering spot for friends and family.


Coffee tables come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share some basic features. These often include an attractive top surface, legs or post, and plenty of storage. The most popular materials are wood, metal, glass, and concrete.


The coffee table is a common piece of furniture with a mysterious name. Although it hasn’t been used for making coffee for centuries, the name has endured – perhaps because it’s just easier to say than “tea table”. Regardless, it remains a perfect spot for entertaining guests and creating memories.





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