why does my coffee taste like soap

why does my coffee taste like soap

Why Does My Coffee Taste Like Soap?

Do you ever notice a strange, soapy flavor in your coffee? This common issue can be caused by several factors, from environmental contamination to improper brewing. Read on to discover the reasons why your coffee might taste like soap.

Environmental Contamination

If you’re like most people, you store coffee in a cabinet or counter near your sink. This means that your beans can come in contact with cleaning chemicals such as dish soap, fabric softener, or bleach. These substances can leave behind a residue that can make your mug taste like you’re drinking a scrub brush!

Improper Brewing

Brewing coffee incorrectly can also lead to a soapy taste. Here are some tips for ensuring the best possible brew:

  • Use fresh coffee grounds. The longer coffee sits, the more flavor is lost. To stay on the safe side, buy freshly ground beans every few weeks.
  • Use filtered water. Tap water can be contaminated with a variety of chemicals, including soap scum. It’s always best to use filtered water for brewing.
  • Check your equipment. Any buildup on your brewing equipment can affect the taste of your coffee. Be sure to regularly give your machine a deep clean.


For most people, a soapy taste in the coffee is a common but easily rectified issue. All it takes is understanding the possible causes and some simple brewing adjustments. Once you’ve identified the issue, you can get back to enjoying the rich and delicious flavor of your favorite brew.





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