why does coffee make your pee smell

why does coffee make your pee smell

Why Does Coffee Make Your Pee Smell?

Coffee is a popular drink around the world, with more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed annually. Though you may enjoy its taste and effects, your pee may not appreciate it as much. Drinking coffee can make your pee smell a bit strange. Here’s why.

Compound Called “Trimethylmethane”

The coffee aroma that you so enjoy is formed by coffee beans and the brewing process. This strong aroma comes from a compound called trimethylmethane. Trimethylmethane is released from the coffee grounds during the brewing process and is responsible for the distinctive smell of coffee.

Highly Volatile Compounds

Coffee is made up of highly volatile compounds, meaning that they can easily turn into vapor and spread around.

Gut Bacteria

When you drink coffee, some of these compounds can enter your digestive system. When they enter your gut, they are broken down by gut bacteria. This breaks down the volatile compounds into smelly compounds, which are released into your urine. The compounds give your urine a strong, coffee-like smell.

Coffee is Clear

It’s also important to remember that coffee is a clear liquid. Unlike other drinks such as beer or juice, it does not have any color or added flavor. This means that the compounds and odor are more easily released into your urine, making your pee smell like coffee.

Tips to Reduce Coffee Smelling Urine

If you want to reduce the smell of your urine after drinking coffee, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking water can help flush out the compounds in your system, reducing the smell of your pee.
  • Decrease Your Intakes: Decreasing your coffee intake can also help reduce the smell. Try drinking smaller amounts or switching to other types of drinks.
  • Limit Add-Ons: Adding milk or cream to your coffee may make it taste better, but they can also make the smell stronger. Try drinking your coffee without added milk or cream.


The smell of your urine after drinking coffee is the result of the compounds in the coffee being broken down by bacteria in your gut. To reduce the smell, try drinking plenty of water, decreasing your coffee intake, and avoiding added milk and cream.





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