when did women start drinking coffee

when did women start drinking coffee

When Did Women Start Drinking Coffee?

Throughout the years, coffee has become increasingly popular around the world, and the trend of female coffee drinkers is on the rise. But just when did women start drinking coffee?

Early Adapters

Coffee began to become popular with the general public in the late 1600s, and surprisingly, women were among the earliest adopters of the beverage. It’s believed that several of the women in high society in the 17th century began to drink the beverage for its supposed medicinal benefits, such as aiding in digestion, providing increased energy for mothers, and helping to stimulate milk production for breastfeeding mothers.

Global Expansion

By the 18th century, coffee had made its way to much of Europe and the Americas. In many places, coffee drinking was still largely confined to the upper classes, with women leading the way in consumption. By the 19th century, it started to become much more popular among the general public. Still, Female coffee consumption increased at a faster rate than that of men. This phenomenon was likely due to a general trend of women engaging in social activities such as church experiences, chat parties and dances, the production of which often revolved around the consumption of coffee.

Modern Era

By the 20th century, coffee had become a global beverage, with much more women than men drinking it. This trend has not slowed in the 21st century, with women being slightly more likely to drink coffee than men, according to recent statistics.


From the late 1600s to the present, women have been at the forefront of coffee consumption, and the trend of coffee-loving ladies is still growing. Coffee provides a great way for women to engage in social activities, and its health benefits are increasingly being recognized. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the trend of women enjoying coffee will continue for many years to come.





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